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Thread: Instrument cluster plastic cover broke while changing the radio out.

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    Unhappy Instrument cluster plastic cover broke while changing the radio out.

    My radio died and I swapped it out for another I just got with an AUX input on it and while I was removing the old radio it just caught on the corner of the cluster and broke out the bottom right corner of the plastic.

    Any ideas on how best to fix it? Obviously super glue but I wasn't sure if some other method is best. Ideally I'd replace it entirely but it seems I'd have to get a replacement instrument cluster just to get the plastic cover. I can't seem to find anyone out there just selling the covers. I've found a few entire clusters but no plastic covers on their own. Anyone know a resource? Anyone got a broken gauge cluster laying around they don't need?

    Thanks everybody.
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    One of 2 options in my opinion.. Go to a local yard, and see if you can find a speedometer, or, go onto eBay, and buy a used cluster. You dont really care about the miles or options, just some cluster thats cheap, and plastic is in good condition. Then when you get it home, swap the plastic overlay from your cluster from the donor.
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