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Thread: 89 cutlass ciera keeps killing blower motors, literally 5 mins apart.

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    Default 89 cutlass ciera keeps killing blower motors, literally 5 mins apart.

    I have replaced the blower motor 3 times, today. The original @ 148000 mi would come and go, most of the time not working, so I replaced it, and the problems began. About 5 minutes after it was done, it started to smoke, I smelled that distinct electric motor being sodomized smell, and then it stopped blowing. I tested it by attaching directly to a small 12v battery, nothing. Replaced twice more with similarities. Feeling crazy.

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    Sounds like you've got a wiring short. Surprised it hasn't blown any fuses.
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    Or the blower motor resistor is going bad. I have not seen it happen on these older cars, but it can happen.
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    With the blower on high it should be bypassing the resistor bank.

    Bad luck? Where are you getting these blowers? Are they new from a store or are they ones you had laying around?

    Is there junk in the blower box that could be restricting the rotation of the blower wheel?

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