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Thread: 89 Cultass Ciera (Christine), Amazing Junkyard Rebuild!

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    Default 89 Cultass Ciera (Christine), Amazing Junkyard Rebuild!

    So I found Christine in the back of a local junkyard, she had been waiting for me for over a year. She's a gray, 89 Cutlass Ciera, with 148,xxx miles and one Buick taillight. Previous owner had T-boned a minivan lightly and scrapped her because the headlights and turn signals were broken, and the core support was damaged. I bought her for $250, and drove her home, with the a.c. blasting, and a very happy German Shepard (Batman) sprawled out in the backseat.

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    I "engineered" a pair of 90s chevy pickup headlight assemblies into the mess of a front end, put bulbs in, performed a complete tune up, and just as the name suggests, in return, she tried to kill me for the first time. Throttle body stuck open, and we went for a glorious ride that I think I enjoyed more than I should have...

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    So I am assuming its a wagon? Thats the only way I know to get the Buick Tail Light to fit.

    Stuck throttle? How in the hell did that happen?
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    I experienced a stuck throttle on my 92. The cruise module got hung up on a... sound producing device of some description? that was bolted to the driver's strut tower. I think it might have been part of an alarm system. Removed that bullhorn and haven't had a problem since. I don't know if that's the issue you're having, OP, but look into it.
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