Hello, my name is Trevor and I live in Germany. Recently I stumbled across a pretty well preserved 88 Cutlass Ciera Coupé that had been imported to Belgium new. I couldn`t resist and bought it. Now I am wrestling with the notoriously feared German "TÜV" - the vehicle inspection - in order to register it here. Basically the car is in really good condition. All I needed to do was replace the tires and the exhaust pipe. Done. But now all the conformity issues are at hand?. Headlights, taillights (no red turning signals permitted - and while we are with the taillights, the turning signal may not use the same bulb as the brake light). I can´t find any European spec lights anywhere and don`t even know if any even exist. Maybe someone here has an idea. The inspector is also not happy with the seatbelts, the side markers in red in the rear, the windshield and a few other random annoying details. Anyway, I am glad I found this forum and am sure I will now be here frequently :-)