Hi All,

For months I have been looking for replacement rear coil over shocks for my 86 Eurosport CL. I have used rear coil over shocks since 1988. I used Monroe's 58427. I was able to find 1 (one) on Ebay, but one doesn't complete the job, lol. A friend told me about A-1 Shock in Colorado. I Spoke with Mike the owner and he assured me that he would be able to make perfect copies, with a lifetime guarantee. Installed 2 weeks ago and they fit like a glove with no issues or modifications. Car handles like it was new again only better. A-1 will make any shock or suspension that is not currently mass produced. A-1 is to shocks and suspension as Corker Tire is to tires. BTW, guess I will be ordering new Cooper Cobra's next spring from Corker. I highly recommend A-1.

FYI, another way to help handling that is cheap, is by using Nitrogen in your tires; which I have used for the past 5 years. Using Nitrogen means there are no H20 molecules, like there are with compressed air. Nitrogen molecules are bigger than H20 molecules which helps handling and tire pressure loss; especially after sitting all winter. Cost around here is $40.


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