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Thread: Improve your A-Body ride and handling

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    Default Improve your A-Body ride and handling

    Hi All,

    For months I have been looking for replacement rear coil over shocks for my 86 Eurosport CL. I have used rear coil over shocks since 1988. I used Monroe's 58427. I was able to find 1 (one) on Ebay, but one doesn't complete the job, lol. A friend told me about A-1 Shock in Colorado. I Spoke with Mike the owner and he assured me that he would be able to make perfect copies, with a lifetime guarantee. Installed 2 weeks ago and they fit like a glove with no issues or modifications. Car handles like it was new again only better. A-1 will make any shock or suspension that is not currently mass produced. A-1 is to shocks and suspension as Corker Tire is to tires. BTW, guess I will be ordering new Cooper Cobra's next spring from Corker. I highly recommend A-1.

    FYI, another way to help handling that is cheap, is by using Nitrogen in your tires; which I have used for the past 5 years. Using Nitrogen means there are no H20 molecules, like there are with compressed air. Nitrogen molecules are bigger than H20 molecules which helps handling and tire pressure loss; especially after sitting all winter. Cost around here is $40.


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    Great info. I wonder if he would make the struts for the 6000 AWD, for anyone who is still looking for those.

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    Excellent post-it's great to see that the 'Self-Adjusting' overload shocks can still be acquired.

    To add to your suggestion, a simple rear shock brace can also help add stability to the handling of the car. Inside the trunk, simply make two 'C' shaped brackets out of plate steel with two stud holes to mount to the rear upper shock mounts, then weld in a 3/4 inch steel bar to connect both brackets. This modification helped mitigate the unibody flexing in the rear during cornering, making the rear-end not feel so 'floaty'. If you couple this modification with an Add-co rear sway bar, understeer is reduced and the car is far more responsive and safe in the corners.
    What is this & what does pulling it out do?

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