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Thread: Driver door clunk / pop

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    Default Driver door clunk / pop

    I cannot figure out what this noise is. When accelerating or decelerating, I can hear a pop/clunk sound
    coming from my driver door. The hinges seem tight but that is where the sound seems to be coming from.
    Has this happened to anybody? 1996 Cutlass Ciera wagon...

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    Just for giggles make sure the door striker on the body is tight . As she flexes and twists the body shifts slightly as stopping or going . Also under your foot where the e brake pedal under the body is the rear cradle mount that makes a pop sound . Stress from the car stopping makes suspension to brakes to body and mounts as well that may sound close to the door but could be a echo effect too .. the door seals could not create a tight seal keeping the door closed tight the striker shifts and u get the noise ur hearing

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    My first thought was the cradle mount. But when mine went out my steering was off like 1/4 turn and it felt wishy washy.

    Does the door lock and unlock properly? If not then the lock rod might be flopping around.

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