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Thread: 1996 Oldsmobile Ciera - Red Brake Light On

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    Default 1996 Oldsmobile Ciera - Red Brake Light On

    Hi All,

    The red brake light on dashboard is staying on even after the car is started. I know usually that's due to low fluid or the e-brake being on but neither of those are the case.

    After the brake light went on I changed (they needed to be changed anyway, just so happened light turned on before I had a chance to do it.)
    • Rear brake hardware
    • Rear brake shoes
    • Rear brake drums
    • Front calipers
    • Front caliper hoses
    • Front brake pads

    I also bled the brakes after doing the above work.

    The light is still on though. Any ideas where to look? I'm guessing it's probably either a fluid level sensor or e-brake switch?

    Thanks in advance!
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    Double check the e brake. I?ve bumped it before just enough to set off the light just by getting in the car. Make sure it retracts fully after your brake work too. It could also be the fluid level sensor or a bad wire or connection.

    Don?t know if a 96 has the light controlled through the computer. But if not, then a little trick I?ve noticed is the light will get just a little bit brighter when both faults are happening. You can use this to your advantage. Say the real problem is something with the fluid. So if you push the e brake, the light will get a little bit brighter. But if the problem is e brake related, pushing the e brake won?t change the brightness.

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    The fluid level sensor may have gone bad to. If I remember correctly, its a simple plug on the side of the reservoir, unplug it, check if the light is on or off (engine running), if its on, take a paperclip, and jump the terminals in the plug, check for light again.. If the light goes out in either case, its just a bad brake fluid level sensor. They dont normally fail, but anything electrical can fail.
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