Hey all. A few years ago, during some extended downtime of these here forums, I made a Facebook group for A-body owners to join and continue discussion. Since then, it's grown to over 500 members. I've had some issues running the group, but nothing that rose to the level of needing to name a moderator or another administrator.

That came back to bite me last week, when my personal Facebook account was compromised and stolen. I no longer have access to the account, and Facebook doesn't appear to be terribly interested in assisting me in recovering it. Since I did not select anyone else to run the group, it is now effectively leaderless. This probably won't result in it being overrun with spammers or anything of the sort, since I had membership approval enabled. It does mean that, more than likely, the group won't be able to grow any further.

I'm debating whether I want to make a new Facebook account, and possibly a new group. I don't know how I would even address this with the current members of the group, not all of whom are members here on the forum. I will keep you all posted.